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Interested in hosting or attending a Girls Night Out / Passion Party? Read what some of our previous attendees had to say...

I recently hosted a "spicy" holiday party, and it was a huge success. Admittedly, I was initially concerned that some of my guests would have some reservations or feel uncomfortable, but I was surprised at how even the shyest and most conservative of us got totally into it. The main reason the party was so successful was because the ladies at Passionately Yours put a lot of thought into planning our evening and were responsive to requests. Kat has a great sense of humor, spoke knowledgeably and encouraged questions. Passion Parties are brilliant because I think that many people feel squicky about browsing in sex shops by themselves--not to mention having to ask a total stranger: "What does this do? How does that fit? Where does that go?" It is an entirely different experience when you're exploring at home with friends (and wine). Everyone went home with (or ordered) lots of fun
toys for the holidays. We had so much fun; I will definitely host another Passion Party soon--perhaps in anticipation of Valentine's
- Jennifer B. 36

"The Girl's Night Out Party was a huge success! From the ice-breaker games to exploring new toys and items, there wasnt a dull moment. Sara from Passionately Yours was very knowledgeable and able to answer all our questions and created a very sensual atmosphere. We had such a great time and the laughter never stopped! If you are looking for a true GNO look no further! I will definitely host another party!"
- Wendy Mills, 30

"A Passion Party is a fantastic way to get together with your favourite girls, whether for a special occasion or just to do something a bit different. Sara has a great range of products and is extremely knowledgeable about all of them. She has a brilliant knack of being able to break the ice, put you immediately at ease and get everyone involved... even the shyer members of the group! The laughter didn't stop all night, and I think we all learned a thing or two!! Thank you Passionately Yours, I'm sure we'll be seeing you again soon."
- Emily W., 31

"I'm sure Sara can bring everyone of us to another level on how to be a fun partner. Sometimes you will feel it's the same old pattern again and again especially for long-term relationships. I love the excitement and new ideas that the party has brought. It truly inspires and you can gain so much confidence from it. All of my friends would like to have another round to go further in our discussion. Passionately Yours, you are the best for women!
- Josephine C., 30

" I can't think of a better way to celebrate a bride-to-be's hens night than to host a Passionately Yours Party. Not only does the hen have a fantastic fun filled evening with lots of laughs and wonderfully passionate cocktails, but she also walks away with some exciting toys to share with her husband on their wedding night! Thank you to Sara and Kat for hosting such a wonderful evening, I am sure we will be back again soon"
- Kate G., 38

“Hosting a Passion Party was a lot of fun! The girls at Passionately Yours put everyone at ease and were knowledgeable with the products that they brought. They arrived early and set everything up. Great ice-breakers and the laughter didn't stop for the next 3 hours! If you are thinking of a way to spice up your love life, get together with friends, and have a fun and informative few hours, I recommend getting in touch with Passionately Yours immediately!”
- Heather, 33

“Just a quick thanks from me & the ladies. It was a great night! Passionately Yours was very professional. Every one really liked the way the toys were demonstrated. Hopefully we organise another party soon.”
- Jeannette H., 31

“Passion Party was the highlight of my friend's hens night! There was not an awkward moment at all during the entire party, only plenty of laughter and interesting discussions! We all had plenty of fun and such a great time together! I'm sure we also learned a lot from Sara's interesting & detailed explanation of the many products she brought with her. I highly recommend this type of party for a special girls' night out!”
- Cindy T.

“Big thanks to Sara from myself and all my friends!! We had an hilarious evening playing games and looking at all the great products from Passionately Yours. I can't wait for my products to arrive!"
- Polly B., 26

“The Kinky Ginkgo girls had a suitably gigglesome time at our Passion Party! Sara was very professional and made everyone feel comfortable straight away. Within seconds, we were acting out naughty charades and sharing cheeky stories. Great fun and highly recommended.”
- Rachel V., 36

“A million thank you-s to Sara & her team, they were fabulous! they knew exactly how to break the ice and dissipate any awkwardness, and made the evening a very intimate and fun affair. Sara is very knowledgeable about the products she sells and offers a wonderful range. We had a blast, many laughs and it was also rather educational!”
- Wing W., 30

"Passionately Yours helped to make a very memorable hen night at Varga Lounge! If you have any doubts, please rest assured that this is not your usual "Ann Summers" party. The products were professionally presented with a touch of humour, and nothing tacky at all. Everyone was at ease and the girls really enjoyed the demonstrations and games."
- R. L., 33

"We organised a great Hens Party for one of our girlfriends through Passionately Yours. It was a very fun night filled with laughter. Sara did a great job hosting everything for us!! I would definitely recommend it for a fun girls night out."
- Jayme M., 25