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Do you feel the passion...?

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Want to join our team? We're Hiring!

If you are...
- Passionate about sex, sex toys, orgasms and all that feel-good stuff
- Passionate about high-quality sex education; providing accurate information and sexual resources for people in Hong Kong
- Passionate about interacting with some amazing women, from working professionals to socialites, locals and expats, all of whom will share intimate details of their lives with you

You'll need to be...
- Open-minded and sex-positive
- Articulate, approachable and outgoing
- Have an eye for detail and basic organisation skills

We're looking for assistants to help us at our popular Girls' Night Out and Passion Parties. This position will require you to do some simple organisational tasks at our parties, that usually take place on weekends or on weekday evenings. This is also great training if you're interested in becoming one of our fabulous Party Hostesses in future.

This is a paid position - you can choose either cash or product. You'll get to have fun, meet some really interesting people and learn everything you ever wanted to know about sex, sexual topics and sex toys.

Find out more about what goes on at a Passion Party, and what an amazing time people have at them here!