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How to Spank

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Bottom’s Up! A Guide to Safe Spanking

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, everyone likes a little spanking.
Let this be your guide to a safe and pleasurable adventure.

1. Weapon of choice
Hands or a soft leather paddle are great starter tools because you can control them easily. Try cupping your palm slightly or using it flat for different effects.

2. Get consent
Always make sure that you have consent before starting. Also, check on your spankee regularly – “does this feel good” or “harder?”, “faster?” are all great questions to ask.

3. Warm up
Always start soft and slow to prepare the area that’s to be spanked. As your partner gets more aroused, they will be able to withstand greater pressure and more intense sensations.

4. Here, there, anywhere?
Fleshier body parts like the buttocks and thighs are better equipped to receive spanking. Avoid the spine, tailbone, back, neck or face as these areas can sustain more serious injuries.

5. Change it up
Alternate your spanks with some firm, sexy stroking or squeezing. Vary the speed, intensity and location of your spanks to keep things unexpected. Try incorporating a vibrator, feather tickler or even ice cubes to heighten sensation.

6. Please, Officer!
Whether you are a stern guardian punishing a naughty student, or a law enforcement officer bringing a criminal to justice, a littleroleplay can make spanking especially sexy.

For more ideas and tools for sensual spanking, please visit www.feelpassionately.com