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You look familiar... Have we met somewhere before?

Passionately Yours was founded to inspire and celebrate Passion in Hong Kong. As such, we have several guiding principles that we would like to share with you.

OUR PRODUCTS…  Whether it’s a toy, book, game, DVD or other products you’re looking for, we’ve got choices for you. You should have no trouble finding something even if you’re shopping on a budget or buying something extravagant for a loved one.

Our product line has been chosen to appeal to people of all genders, ages and orientations – whether you’re straight, gay or bi; male or female, eighteen or eighty, or anywhere in between. We especially try to steer away from items that are marketed in a derogatory manner.

Our products come from all over the world. We take great care in selecting the ones that are safe, high-quality, sex-positive, and most importantly, fun! We always support the original designs (and designers) of the toys we love, so that whatever you purchase – be assured that you are getting the real thing.

OUR CUSTOMERS… We acknowledge the diverse needs and desires of the people we serve in Hong Kong. Whether you're looking to purchase your first toy or your tenth, something vanilla or kinky, a product for yourself or for a lover, there should be something to inspire you here.

We understand the fact that there is a spectrum to sexuality, and it is often expressed in many ways. We aim to create a safe environment for everyone – straight, gay queer, happily monogamous or delightfully polyamorous, singles, couples, swingers, beginner or expert fetishists, young or young at heart – to explore and find their own unique path to sexual fulfillment.

We never, ever judge.

OUR SERVICE… We want you to know that our business is always personal. We understand that sex toys and sensual accessories are very intimate purchases. And people can be embarrassed and intimidated – but still curious! – about topics relating to sex and sexuality.

Our aim is to provide you with the right resources and education about healthy sexual activity and sexually-oriented products. We want you to make intelligent, informed choices about the products you buy and how they are used.

Be it a personal appointment, a Pleasure Party, or even just an enquiry over the Internet, our service is always friendly, knowledgeable, honest and professional. We'd much rather help you find something you love that works just right for you than pressure you into buying a product that ends up sitting on the shelf.

If you've got a question about a certain product or some aspect of sexuality, we hope you can find some answers on our site. If not, send the question onto us via the Contact link and we'll try out best to find the answers you're looking for.

Any correspondence we have with you is kept strictly confidential. If there's a question or enquiry that we can't answer, we might refer you on to someone else who is in a better position to help you, but only with your permission. Personal information is never shared.